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Living a Fit Vegan Life

Ways in which you can incorporate a healthy vegan philosophy into your lifestyle

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Get vegan recipes, resources and information

Vegan Diet Foods


From bodybuilding to weightloss, we have you covered with in-depth product reviews, supplement recommendations and optimizing your personal performance

Bodybuilding and Fitness

Skin Care and Cosmetics

Resources, information and product reviews

Cruelty Free Cosmetics

Responsible Animal Products and Services

 Vegan  services and responsible animal tourism activities


The Blog

Follow our journeys and get useful information on vegan fitness, product reviews and recipes
Yoga on the Beach

Welcome to the Vegan Fit Llama Blog

A one-stop resource for all things vegan fitness and lifestyle including reviews of our favorite products, our favorite vegan recipes, and travel guide

Chantelle Foster
Scott Reid

about Us

Chantelle began her vegan journey 10 years ago She was inspired to create a resource for people who wanted to gain knowledge about vegan life, and to inspire and make information gathering and product sourcing easy. She is influenced largely by her love for animals, travel and wonder of the natural world. 

 Scott is passionate about all things health and fitness, and in helping people reach their goals. As a vegan fitness coach and trainer, he wanted a way to broadly share his love of vegan cooking to nourish the body for any fitness purpose, whether building muscle, losing weight, or eating healthfully and purposefully

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