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Scott Reid

Scott Reid

Hi! I’m Scott and I’m a certified fitness coach and trainer. I have been coaching for the past 10 years, the past five of those having adopted a vegan lifestyle, and I’ve never felt better. I’m passionate about fitness and health, which is why I’ve partnered with Chantelle on Vegan Fit Llama. I want people to know that fitness, bodybuilding, and strength can be achieved with a vegan lifestyle and diet. In many ways, it is optimal in health, fitness and how it will make you feel. I’m happy to be able to share this with you all as you follow along with our fitness journeys.

Chantelle Foster

Chantelle Foster

My name is Chantelle, and I have been a vegan for the past seven years. It was so difficult when I started this journey to find good products, recipes and excursions that supported my new lifestyle. A lot has changed, with vegan products and services becoming more common. But I still found myself taking a lot of my time up searching for what I needed. This is when I decided to start Vegan Fit Llama as a hub of information, recommendations and recipes to help others trying to adopt a vegan way of life. It is not a straightforward journey, but I hope this resource will help you along the way.

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Our story

Fitness is our passion, and veganism is our lifestyle. We believe in healthy bodies, and a healthy planet, and want to inspire others to find vegan products and services – whether you are just getting started and dabbling in a vegan life, or looking for additional resources that can be found in one place, we have you covered!

Our goal is to seek out the best vegan products, recipes, services and excursions and share with you all what we have found. With a focus on health, wellness, fitness optimization, and environment, we want to show you the best of what is out there in the vegan sphere today.