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Top 12 Vegan Snacks For Your Recovery and Recharge

Are you looking for some ideas for healthy vegan snacks to refuel after your workout? As a personal trainer, I have vegan snacks on hand that are my go-to. They are healthful, give a protein punch, and have high nutritional value.

 When maximizing your workouts, it is so important to ensure you are refueling with proper nutritious foods. In fact, vegans must be mindful of getting a good variety of plant-based and whole foods to ensure maximum nutrient absorption.

  1. Smoothies
Vegan snack smoothie

Smoothies are the easiest and fastest snack that I love for post-workout. Use your favorite fruits and vegetables, and throw in a tablespoon of chia seeds, hemp hearts or flax (or all of these) for a boost of omega-3’s and protein. Or, use your favorite protein powder, like Battle Ready Fuel, one of my all-time favorites in peanut butter flavor.

2. Home-made Fruit Roll-ups

Who did not love fruit roll-ups as a kid? Did you know you can easily make your own? They are delicious, nutritious, and easy to make. Simply puree your favorite fruit, add a handful of spinach or another favorite vegetable if you would like, and add some lemon juice. Roll it out flat and dehydrate in your oven at 160 degrees F for 6 hours. Voila, you have a tasty and healthful snack.

 FYI – kids love this one, and you can be sure they are not getting the added sugars as they would with store-bought roll-ups.

3. Hummus and Vegetables


Hummus on crackers with vegetables and fruit

In University, this was my all-time favorite snack before a three-hour night class. I did not often have time for dinner, so would eat this and have a late dinner later. The hummus is full of protein, and the pita bread is just something tasty to dip in alongside the vegetables. Winner all around.

Making your own hummus is simple. Use Tahini (blended sesame seeds that you can make yourself or purchase in store), and blend with ingredients such as chickpeas, beets or avocado. First, blend Tahini and lemon juice. Second, add garlic, oil, and cumin finish this up. Finally, you can add a flavor of your choice such as the avocado or beets.  

4. Prune and Pistachio Vegan Snack Bites

Prune and Pistachio Bites

I absolutely love these, and they are so easy to make. Grab your food processor and take any nuts that you like. My favorite is to use a combination of almonds, pistachios, and peanuts, but any will do. Add 8-10 pitted prunes to 1 cup of nuts. The prunes give it sweetness. If you would like, add a tablespoon of coconut oil, vegan chocolate chips, and course sea salt. Roll into balls, and freeze for a couple of hours. These thaw out very quickly, taste good cold and warm, and can stay frozen for around 4 months.

5. Vegan Haystack Cookies

These were my absolute favorite cookies growing up. I was thrilled when I tried out a new vegan version and came up with a healthy nutritious vegan snack in the process. I have substituted the 1 Cup of sugar with 1/3 cup of maple syrup and use Hershey’s dark chocolate cocoa, an excellent source of iron and magnesium. Along with the granola, coconut, you can dessert up your snack time! For example, see my version of vegan haystack cookies here.

6. Dark Chocolate Frozen Banana Bites 

Dark Chocolate Vegan Snack Banana Bites

These super simple vegan snacks can be prepped ahead of time.  Choose a vegan dark chocolate with high cocoa content such as 70%. Next, melt the chocolate, and dip banana chunks into the chocolate. Freeze in ice cube trays for a few hours, and you have a delicious and healthy vegan snack! Bananas have potassium, and the dark chocolate will give you a boost of iron and magnesium.

7. Nut Butter Celery Sticks

Celery sticks with nut butter are the perfect vegan snacks when you need to eat and run. Simply add on your favorite almond, cashew or peanut butter and you have a winning combination!

8. Avocado, Tomato, and Vegan Cheese on Crackers

Avocado, Tomato and Vegan Cheese Snacks

There is something magical about the combination of tomato and avocado. Aside from guacamole, tomato and avocado pairs so well in salads, on sandwiches and in this case, on crackers topped with vegan cheese. 

You can easily make your own vegan cheese. To get inspired, check out our article on Vegan Cheese. 

9. Popcorn with Nutritional Yeast Topping


It does not get any easier than popping some pop corn and sprinkling on the nutritional yeast as a topping. And you will not even miss the melted butter. However, if you do, we have an amazing recipe for Vegan Butter that you should try! 

Pair with a glass of dark chocolate almond milk for a protein and calcium boost.

10. Sweet potato fries

Sweet potato fries with Spinach

I absolutely love sweet potato fries. Chop your sweet potato into fry shapes, and coat in olive oil on a non-stick surface. I have found it best to flip them half-way through to ensure all sides get crisp and not burnt.

Pro-tip – you can bake other vegetables this way, such as peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, and any kind of squash. It is great for you and adds a whole new dimension to your vegetables. If you are not a fan of raw vegetables, this is such a great easy way to make them better. My favorite seasoning is a garlic blend.


11. Vegan Snack Stuffed Mushrooms

Vegan Stuffed Mushrooms

Even prior to going vegan, my favorite version of stuffed mushrooms was always the vegan version. Chop up the mushroom stems and add diced carrots, celery, and onion. Sautee these ingredients together in vegan butter or oil. Next, stuff your mushrooms and bake in the oven at 350 for 15 minutes. Optional toppings – add your favorite melting vegan cheese or ground nuts such as cashews or peanuts. 

The key to this recipe is to dice everything small as to fit inside the mushroom.

12. Kale Chips


These vegan snacks are delicious and so good for you. Baby kale works the best for me. Simply align on a baking sheet, douse in olive oil, and bake at (temp) for (minutes), and you have some home-made chips that satisfy cravings. You can add nutritional yeast for a cheesy topping, or your favorite seasonings to have a delicious savory snack.

In Summary – Recharge With These Amazing Vegan Snacks

Post-workout, it is important to fuel and recharge your body with nutritious vegan snacks. Also, do not forget to fuel up before your workout as well. Any of these snack will give you the energy boost you need, with some essential nutrients and proteins for your muscles. 

As always, consult with your fitness team and health-care providers for the best combination of diet and exercise for you!

Scott @ Veganfitllama

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